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One of the most important items to check for in Rye NY apartment buildings or HUD multifamily housing is radon. Radon is an extremely harmful substance that can cause cancer as well as many other health issues, which is why testing for it is something every apartment building owner or condominium resident should consider. Radon mitigation can be accomplished several different ways beginning with either passive or active testing. The passive radon testing can be done without power in the Rye New York home or apartment complex, which is ideal for buildings that are still being constructed or do not have power installed yet. This method uses charcoal canisters as well as charcoal in liquid form which are left in the home and then sent out for analysis.

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Using certified testing equipment will ensure accurate radon readings and help with the process of radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is highly advised when levels in the Rye NY multi-family dwelling exceed 3.9 pCi/l. Unlike a passive radon test, “active” radon testing does require power so radiation levels can be monitored constantly for a set amount of time to more accurately measure radon. This is the most common method performed in apartment complexes. Most building and HUD multifamily housing inspectors utilize this method of radon testing. 


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By using an accurate method like this one, the mitigation process can begin almost immediately when levels over the 3.9pCi/l limit are detected. Something to keep in mind if you live in a typical Rye NY condominium or apartment building is that even if your neighbor had radon testing that came out negative, this does not necessarily mean that you are “safe”. You still need to ensure you and your family does not have this substance in your home by calling a qualified radon testing and mitigation expert.

If your Rye New York home does contain radon, at any level, it can be removed by using a method called sub slab depressurization. This mitigation process is done by utilizing fans that create negative air pressure below your home and keep this dangerous gas from coming inside.


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In an apartment complex, radon can also be in the water, which can be resolved by installing charcoal filters and other aeration options to keep the gas from entering the Rye NY property.

Radon mitigation in an apartment building or apartment complex can be more extensive than in an individual home, but it is necessary to perform in order to protect the health of the occupants.

In Rye New York, it is a good idea to periodically check for this gas in HUD multifamily housing on a regular basis, especially if any modifications or additions to the building have taken place. Mitigation can be done in a number of different ways depending on the severity of the concern and where the entry points of the radon are detected.

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