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Industrial & Commercial Radon Mitigation of Saint Louis Missouri

SWAT Environmental offers radon mitigation services for industrial, residential, and commercial applications throughout the Saint Louis MO area. Radon exposure can be a serious problem and can cause many serious health issues. The effects of long-term radon inhalation can include an elevated risk of lung cancer for non-smokers. Radon is a naturally occurring compound that is a natural by-product of the breakdown of radium. Many miners in the late 1800's succumbed to lung cancer, which they called "lung wasting disease", because of their high exposure to radon in the mines where they worked. In Saint Louis Missouri, radon has been identified as a serious public health risk since the 1980’s.

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We Fix Radon Problems in All Size Buildings Throughout The Saint Louis MO Area.

Aside from residential homes, radon contamination has been found in industrial/commercial areas such as multifamily complexes, office buildings, strip malls, apartment complex buildings, condominiums, warehouses, factory buildings, schools, and day care centers. Although Saint Louis MO factories, mines and other industrial areas would seem a natural place for radon exposure to occur, you might be surprised at the other areas where it can be found. Because of the high public health risk, we provide this valuable public health service of radon testing and radon mitigation within a number of commercial, industrial, factory, and warehouse environments. 


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No project is too small or too large for the experienced radon professionals of SWAT Environmental.

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Our industrial radon specialists are fully trained in radon mitigation and radon testing for Saint Louis MO multifamily areas, day care centers, apartment complexes, office buildings, condominiums, factories, and even strip malls. The reason we are so efficient is because our fully trained experts realize that radon can occur in almost any public environment. As a business owner, you know the serious liability issues that can result if you fail to undergo these checks. That is why our radon testing and radon mitigation services can be invaluable to you.

For each client, we undergo the following process: Radon testing is the first step toward determining if remediation is necessary. All of our radon testing and radon mitigation strategies begin with this step. We test the Saint Louis Missouri factory, warehouse, or other commercial/industrial location for a minimum of two days in order to determine if unhealthy conditions exist. 
We usually begin the radon testing process by placing devices in key areas of the office building or commercial/industrial facility and then either analyze the radon levels onsite or send them to a qualified laboratory for analysis. 


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The World Health Organization recommends levels no higher than 2.7 pCi/l for radon in the air. Should the reading at your Saint Louis MO office building, condominium, or commercial / industrial location indicate the level is higher, we proceed to the next step. The second step in the environmental process is the design of the radon mitigation system(s). We do this in a number of different ways and we customize it to the needs of your Saint Louis, Missouri building. We install various ventilation items, up to and including sub-slab depressurization systems.

In some cases, an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is installed to exchange the air within the building with fresh air. When practical, we also can utilize Block Wall Depressurization or Sub-membrane Depressurization (SMD) approaches to reduce the radon levels within the Saint Louis MO structure. We utilize the most up-to-date scientific abatement equipment. Reducing the radon levels in your industrial or commercial location is a highly specialized process. We use sensitive scientific equipment in order to help us fully mitigate the radon in Saint Louis Missouri factories, schools, multifamily apartments, industrial, and commercial buildings.

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If radon is found in your commercial or industrial facility, SWAT Environmental of Saint Louis MO will install radon mitigation systems which will make the air inside the buildings as healthy and safe as the fresh air outside.

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